Société Française des Traducteurs

A rigorous methodology

Translation requires a rigorous methodology.

The translation process involves the following steps:

  1. The document is received by e-mail, downloaded or delivered on CD-ROM
  2. The customer’s requirement is examined and an estimate and a delivery date are proposed
  3. If the estimate is accepted, any reference documents provided are examined, research is undertaken and all necessary reference information is collected and prepared.
  4. The document is translated in accordance with the customer’s instructions and the prepared reference materials
  5. The translation’s quality is checked and all necessary corrections are made
  6. The final document’s formatting is checked (the French translation is usually about 20% longer than the English source document)
  7. The translation is delivered in the document’s original format

During the translation, I carefully examine your text to ensure that I will be able to convey its meaning as accurately, clearly and effectively as possible. Sometimes I may need to contact you to have you explain something or clarify an ambiguity.

I strive to use the terminology and phraseology that is employed in your particular industry or field. This is why I encourage you to provide me with any reliable glossaries or translations of previous documents you may have.

Using technology to improve quality and consistency

Computers and software have become indispensable tools for translators—not only to increase productivity but also to improve quality and consistency.

Computer-aided translation and terminology management tools are used to ensure that the most appropriate terms are used consistently and to build a repository of terms and phrases that can be reused for future translation projects.

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