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Documents that are clear, well-written and effective will enhance your company’s image. This is why it is often a good idea to have them proofread or revised by a professional linguist with an expert’s knowledge of the target language and typographical conventions.

Proofreading* involves reading a document to correct any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.

Revision* involves comparing a translation with the source document to check and improve its quality and overall consistency.

Although the translation process normally includes revision and proofreading, a translator may revise or proofread a document translated by someone else, to assure its quality.

But a document must be reasonably well drafted or translated. If it does not meet this minimum quality requirement I cannot accept it for proofreading or revision.

This is why I will not proofread or revise a document that has been translated using automatic translation software.


* These terms are defined in the European translation services standard EN 15038:2006.

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