Société Française des Traducteurs

Entrusting your document to a freelance translator enables you to deal directly with the person in charge of your project, facilitates communication and ensures prompt service.


Your reputation and image depend to a large extent on the quality of your press releases, marketing brochures, technical documents and business correspondence.

Having your documents translated by a professional who knows your company, your industry and its terminology will ensure that your communication is effective.

All translations are systematically verified and subjected to strict quality control procedures.

I will keep you informed of any important developments throughout the translation process.


I am bound to professional secrecy and will handle all of your documents and requests for translations in complete confidentiality.

Timely delivery

Before beginning any work I will clearly specify the delivery date and time. I make it a point to never miss a deadline.

If a translation is delayed for some reason, I will inform you as soon as possible, so that you can make any necessary adjustments.

Customer satisfaction

Since my objective is to see to it that you are satisfied, I will do everything possible to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

I will work with you to develop the relationship of trust and partnership that is essential to the success of your translation project.

Professional development

To satisfy my passion for scientific and technical communication in such complex and rapidly changing fields as medicine, information science and technology, I am always striving to learn more and keep my knowledge up to date:

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